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It’s hell being vegan on Thanksgiving :-(

24 Nov

I am one of those peaceful vegan types who just wants to live by my heart and soul. But today I go to my parents’ house to sit around a table with my siblings, nieces, nephews, and a big dead bird. It kills me. I feel like that dead bird and feel pain when it’s breast is sliced and sadness when “pulled pork” is a side dish because that poor pig had not choice in it’s whole life.

I am utterly exhausted by the constant questioning over 15 years of “what do you eat?” “How do you get enough protein?” Etc etc etc…… Till I can barely hold back screaming!

I am age 61. I have made this vegan choice fully aware of what I am choosing and why. I have tried eating separately (“you are spoiling the family-love thing”). I have tried saying nothing when my young niece realized that they want her to eat a bird and she says “NO!” But they force her to anyway. I don’t think any child, when they first discover that hamburger is a cow, chicken is a chicken, veal is a calf, bacon is a pig…. Wants to eat them. They are coerced by adults and lose a very important battle with their own hearts and souls.

I wish there was a vegan blog that was not all about recipes. I don’t care about making vegan tasty. I care about the animals.